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Aesthetic Driveways & Patios delivers quality asphalt, paving and masonry work with a creative approach. With decades of experience you can be confident you're making the right decision to hire us for your long island asphalt, paving and masonry projects.

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Decades of Experience Make  Aesthetic Driveways & Patios The Easy Choice

Asphalt Driveways

Our asphalt driveways are designed to withstand scorching summer heat, freezing winter ice, and everything in between. Heat  and cold are the #1 cause of asphalt deterioration. We design our driveways to withstand the elements we experience on Long Island.

Paver Patios

When it comes to creating a patio, you can try to save money and do it all by yourself. But that may not last as long as you'd like. Let us design a beautiful, custom-made patio that will last decades! We have the experience and knowledge to make your dream come true, and to make it look great!

Paver Walkways

A walkway is an extension of your home that should be inviting and beautiful. Aesthetic Driveways & Patios loves to design asphalt and paver walkways that make your property look luxurrious and welcoming for yourself and your guests. Stop treading through grass, mud or gravel.


Your Dream Driveway, Patio or Walkway

Let Aesthetic Driveways & Patios design and install your dream driveway, patio or walkway. We will work with you to create the look, size and pattern of the driveway, patio or walkway of your dreams! We service Suffolk and Nassau County New York and look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Putting down a driveway is one of the most common, yet most dreaded tasks homeowners have to do. There are so many factors to consider when deciding how to design your driveway, and it can seem like a daunting task. Aesthetics are always important, but the quality of the materials, the workmanship, and the overall result are just as important! Let our experience guide you. 

Another great way to create or improve your outdoor living environment is with an attractive paver patio. A good paver contractor will design and install with the best products possible while using the latest technology to ensure your project is completed efficiently and on budget. And just as important, it needs to look great! That's what our patios are, gorgeous!

If you're looking for a new walkway, we can help with that as well! Aesthetic Driveways & Patios has been installing quality asphalt and paver walkways for more than 15 years, and we’re still going strong! Are you looking for a driveway, patio, or walkway that will last a lifetime? Aesthetic Driveways & Patios can help you achieve that.


We Deliver Quality Asphalt, Paving and Masonry Work With A Creative Approach.

Aesthetic Driveways & Patios is the only long island pavers you will ever need. Our experienced staff possesses a deep understanding of concrete and brick paving techniques. We're experts at working with homeowners and architects to provide the high-quality custom paving services you expect.

Whatever your vision for your driveway, patio or walkway, we’ll make it a reality. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work!


Check what our clients say about us

Aesthetic Driveways & Patios was recommended by a family friend and I was happy that their prices were reasonable. We love our driveway and may do the patio next year. We recommend this company to our friends now!

Rachel Miller


My backyard was kind of a mess, and uninviting. Aesthetic made it much more enjoyable to spend time in my backyard with my family. I am very thankful for the quality work from Aesthetic Driveways & Patios.

Angela Bellucci


We needed a small walkway along the side of our house but weren't sure how to design it. We decided to get several estimates and Aesthetic came in with a very reasonable rate. But what we appreciate most is the design and color guidance. The team at Aesthetic know their stuff!

Mike O'Neill



We are proud installers of these quality products

Quality driveways, patios and walkways can only be made with quality products. Our professional team will be there to help you through the entire process from understanding your needs, helping you design what you want and then choosing and installing the correct style of paver for your project. We are proud to offer the best quality products from the below manufacturers.


Is an asphalt driveway expensive?

Any type of driveway will have a significant impact on the value of your home. While asphalt may cost a little more than concrete, it's fairly affordable and has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

Do asphalt driveways increase your property value?

Your home's curb appeal is one of the first things a prospective buyer or real estate agent will notice. When you build or remodel your home, including a new asphalt driveway and patio, you will increase your home's value .

Do asphalt driveways increase your property taxes?

Typically replacing your asphalt driveway will not increase your property taxes. But, if you are doing extensive work or changes to your driveway apron or significant changes to the property itself it is best to inquire with your local government agency for current tax codes.

When should you replace your asphalt driveway?

You can tell that you need to replace your asphalt driveway when the surface of the asphalt starts to crack and there are also obvious signs of wear and tear, such as cracks and divots.

Are asphalt driveways cheaper than concrete driveways?

Concrete driveways are typically more expensive than asphalt driveways. It is also more difficult to maintain a concrete driveway because they can stain much more easily due to their lighter color.

Are paver driveways better than asphalt driveways?

While paver driveways cost more than asphalt driveways, they tend to last much longer. Paver driveways are more resistant to the harsh temperatures we experience in the northeast, therefore they don’t crack as often as asphalt can.

Are paver patios cheaper than concrete?

Paver patios are typically more expensive than concrete as they require a more involved installation process as well as a more expensive construction cost. However, they typically last much longer than concrete so replacement may never be necessary which saves you money in the long run.

Does a paver patio add value to home?

Pavers are typically used in patios and can elevate the value of your home. A paver patio adds enjoyment to the home by allowing you to entertain and relax in your outdoor space. This is always great when it comes to resell value.

How much does a paver patio cost?

The price of a paver patio depends on the size, quality of materials, and the complexity of the design. Aesthetic Driveway & Patios is always the most competitive when it comes to pricing.

How do I choose an asphalt contractor?

There are several factors you should consider when choosing an asphalt contractor, such as: How much experience does the asphalt contractor have? How long has the asphalt contractor been in business? What is the asphalt contractor's track record? How much do they charge? You can be certain Aesthetic Driveways & Patios is a well trusted name in the asphalt driveway, paver patio and walkway business.

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